International Exchanges Division of Changsha Medical University’s teaching unit was founded in 2006 for international cooperative education programs and is approved by Hunan Provincial People’s Government (Ed. Doc. No.105). It is authorized to enroll international students.   The institute aims at cultivating international talents that adapt to the present social and economic development as well as the latest advancements in science and technology with new knowledge and professional techniques. In the course of organizing teaching, it introduces the advanced ideas and notions in international education system, gives top priority to students, focuses on the combination of knowledge, skills and sciences, and puts emphasis on quality-oriented education. It blends in the international advanced teaching models, absorbs high quality foreign education materials and offers good teaching conditions to cultivate talents with mixed abilities.   The institute is based on the principle of “meeting the needs of society, introducing high quality foreign resources and cultivating the international talents”. It renders the disciplinary courses that meet the great needs of the international and national markets and that are suitable for the characteristics of the students both national and international.

CSMU has more than 1100 teachers, of which 439 are with associate or full professor’s academic titles and 6 are from USA, UK and Netherlands. CSMU has one constructing program of provincial level key discipline, one demonstration laboratory at the provincial level, 2 key specialties at the provincial level, 2 provincial level excellent courses and 4 qualified laboratories for foundation courses at the provincial level. CSMU was granted as a supporting institution for National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation projects in 2008.